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Re: Star Trek: Online

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That'll teach ya to not lie on beta apps
I'm too bloody honest.

I'm expecting, when the time comes, for there also to be keys up on Fileplanet... aside from being fairly common now anyway, they did the same with Champions Online. If they do you'll need to be a paid subscriber to pick one up, but they're on a first come basis so they won't care who you are as long as you get there before they run out
Eh, it's not a big deal. I'm not really looking forward to the game; it sounds like it's going to suck (though space combat doesn't sound too sucky so far, surprisingly). I hardly need a new MMO (between LOTRO, WoW, and possibly DDO:Unlimited if my friends and I stick with it--and yes, I can afford all three; time is the real killer!),'s Star Trek. *shrug*
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