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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

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Oh no, now Jimmy Bob is sending agents out to get me! Probably because he's not man enough to face me after our last disagreement. (Never drink and post kids, the results are not pretty.)
What disagreement? We've never disagreed in the way as I think you are putting it. As I said in that thread: "Re-read it in John Cleese's voice, perhaps that will help to make the intended tone clearer."

What I thought I was doing, was writing an exaggerated loud post, like anyone else was doing in that thread. I thought that I'd be funny, and then you'd be funny and then everyone would laugh and enjoy the peaceful hippie sun of love and fellowship, but suddenly everyone was yelling at me. I was really trying to be a good reader like everyone else. It was just misinterpreted. It happened here too, when I was being called a racist bastard after just my first post... I guess it was the lack of an avatar that had that effect.

Anyway, we've never have had an actual conflict from my point of view, which why there has been no reason to "face you like a man."

And that priest/boy analogy for Unexpected? That's a bit stretching an interpretation too far, isn't it? All I could think was: "Yeah Trip! You're the man! Damn I wish I was you!" That is, before he got pregnant.
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