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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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Very nice! I like it! As for the two turbolift shafts hanging out there - those are just for neck passthrough, right? And the three hallways that deadend in the center portion - are those to the outer hull access, or something else? And the extra hallway? And the four areas around the saucer's edge - are those lounges?

Likely simple questions, but I'm just having a hard time placing those bits in the grand scheme of the ship. You're doing great work on the ship.
Turbolifts hanging in space - yes, in the neck pass-through. Actually in Impulse Engineering.

Hallways extending from the core outward connect to storage and "equipment spaces" where the floor-to-ceiling height is below standard.

The "extra" hallway would run from the back of Sick-bay to one side of the Rec Deck. It is so positioned on the 2-d plans, but will not fit (it would extend through the concave portion of the saucer underside). In my wire-frame it is in red - indicating to me that I need to see about rerouting that.

The four areas around the outer edge are RCS thrusters, fuel, and equipment areas. There will be windows in the corridors between them, but I have not yet put them in.
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