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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

my ratings...

Green (7) - Didn't have much to do but did fine when called upon. Two smart saves in a row despite Eduardo tapping it in though maybe could of held follow up shot.

Johnson (7) - Much Much better display at the back and good going forward including one assist. However at fault for letting cross in for goal and lucky not to give away penatly.

Terry (8) - Great display by the captain though looks better when with Rio and got messed up with no marking for the goal along with Upson.

Upson (7) - Far better display than saturday but not as good as Rio or as former cover King. A few sloppy passes but great in the air.

A.Cole (8) - Best left back in the world once again and only got done once but that was due to a slip and unlucky bounce of the ball off his leg.

Lennon (9) - Man of the match and potentially best display of his career, simply ripped Croatia to bits and unlucky not to score

Lampard (8) - Two goals and overall good play and getting better with Barry. However not 100% sure if hes better than Gerrard in middle due to lack of brunt power and pace.

Barry (7) - One of his better displays though of course will never be better than Hargreaves. Solid passing and good tackling.

Gerrard (8) - Best performance on left and two well taken goals. Didn't link up with Rooney as normal but still caused no end of problems and solid cover for Cole to make runs down the flank.

Rooney (7) - A little quiet for him but did nothing wrong too much when he got the ball and got the goal that his hard work over the past 2 games and Q/F campaign deserved.

Heskey (6) - Worked hard but didn't get Rooney into the game as much this time and we probably would of done fine without him. Missed 2 golden chances simple MUST SCORE or lose starting place.
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