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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

Count Zero wrote: View Post
Going by the ratings you've been handing out, ENT will score much lower than VOY in the end.
Voyager had a strong first season followed by a lot of average seasons, and the first half of season 3 was abysmal, whereas Enterprise's ace in the hole was its final two seasons. To be honest, I might be judging the show a little more harshly than I did the first time I saw it because I know how good it can get.

HopefulRomantic wrote: View Post
Jimmy Bob is also doing a "my impressions of Enterprise" thread. Here is his reaction to "Strange New World" and Trip:

However this episode is way better and way more entertaining than Flight or Fight. Because of Trip. Trip rules. I realize that now. I don't know how I could not see this before. That scene in the cave, where Trip goes mad... that was so awesome and intense. And I believe T'Pol was really frightened in her vulcan way. It really felt like he is really going to kill T'Pol. Trip is awesome. Not because he yells and points guns at women... he just is. It's something you feel. I can't explain it.
I guess it's all a matter of perspective.
Oh no, now Jimmy Bob is sending agents out to get me! Probably because he's not man enough to face me after our last disagreement. (Never drink and post kids, the results are not pretty.)

JB2005 wrote: View Post

when I first watched this, something hit me...

"look at this handrail, put your fingers on'll take them right off?"
"why would someone put their fingers there sir?"

At which point I yelled at the TV "because it's a hand rail, dipsh*t"
sfdebris did I good bit about that in his review of the episode. "handrail handrail handrail."

Silvercrest wrote: View Post
Maybe you should count "Nudge-nudge, wink-wink story elements." Things that were supposed to be introduced later, but are shoehorned in here anyway. Like aliens having cloaking technology long before the Federation was supposed to have encountered it. (Oh, it works 100% the same but they call it stealth technology? Okay then!)
But stealth technology and cloaking devices are completely different things! I don't know how you can compare the two!

Tallis Rhul wrote: View Post
Now, back in the present, and I'm 95% sure this wasn't a deleted scene... how has no-one picked up on the scene where you basically get 2 Klingons standing on a rise overlooking the High Council Chamber, and one of them utters the line "I can see my house from here!"

Are they Klingons or gimps?
The first time I heard that I thought I had imagined it. I couldn't believe they actually had him say it.

Terra Nova (*)

This is a picture of Earth. Chances are that you have lived every second of your life somewhere on the planet. The human population is estimated to be 6.783 billion people.

This is a picture of New York City, United States, with an official population in excess of 8 million people. You've probably heard of it at some point.

This is a picture of Mumbai, India, with an official population of almost 14 million people. You've probably heard of this city too.

This is a picture of Akoupé, Ivory Coast, with a population of almost 36,000 people. You've probably never heard of it.

Can anyone guess what the connection between these three cities is? You have 10 minutes to give me an answer.


If you answered "these are three cities within viewing distance of one another" then you'd be incorrect. It would actually be incredibly difficult for me to express how incorrect you would be. But if you answered "these are three cities TheGodBen has never been to" then you would be partially correct. If you answered "these are three cities in countries that TheGodBen has never been to" then you'd be close, but not quite at the right answer. If you answered "these are three cities on three separate continents and TheGodBen has never even been to any of those continents despite how frickin huge they are" then you'd be correct, but I'm annoyed that you left the 'g' off the word "fricking". We're not savages.

A pet peeve of mine is any time the characters have to act stupid in order to get the plot to work, and in this case an entire society of humanity's best and brightest have to forget just how big a planet is and start acting like petulant children in order to get the plot to work. It might have been okay if the story itself had been interesting enough to make up for how stupid it is, but the episode just fluctuates between being boring, irritating and stupid. I mean, why would any society replace the word "hungry" with "belly hollow"? That's a whole extra word! And don't pretend that 4 year-olds don't know the word "hungry" because it's probably one of the first words that you learn.

Bah, who cares?

TRAVIS: All these years wondering about that colony. I never thought I'd become part of their history.
ARCHER: Tell you what, Travis. Why don't you put together the report for Starfleet. If I'm not mistaken, it'll be headline news back home.
TUCKER: The Terra Nova puzzle, solved at last, as told by Ensign Travis Mayweather.
TRAVIS: Thank you, sir.
Yes, I'm sure that's why he signed on to become a pilot, because of the glorious paperwork. And what the hell is he doing eating with the Big Three anyway? He doesn't normally eat with them, and it's not like as if he actually did something in the story to warrant him being there. Is this some Affirmative Action requirement that Travis eat with them just once?

I'll give Archer a pass on the redshirt thing because in all the dangerous situations he put himself into I can justify having a captain involved rather than a lowly ensign. But today we learned the name of Phlox's species, so I'll add them to the counter.

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