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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween II Discuss/Grade Thread

See, that's my problem with Zombie's Michael Myers... he tries to humanize Myers too much. Carpenter's take on Myers was that he was evil incarnate, the embodiment of evil, and that there was no explaining why he does what he does. Sort of the ultimate boogeyman. I think that's a much scarier take. And even in Zombie's version we really don't get exactly what makes Myers tick. I mean in Zombie's remake he seems to kill his family because he's bored. In the sequel he's given much more definition and the idea of being haunted by your dead mother is interesting, but still kind of out there.

I saw the rest of Halloween II yesterday and it's clear that after the first 20 minutes the film just gets sloppy and dull. The best part of the sequel were the bits inspired by Rick Rosenthal's 1981 Halloween II. Whenever Zombie deviates it has interesting but unexplored potential. The idea that Laurie is seriously mentally unstable or becoming unstable is a neat idea but played very simply. Besides the single scene with the therapist played by Margot Kidder, we don't really get a sense at how fragile her state of mind is, or how the loss of her family really affected her. I mean the idea is very interesting but I didn't believe the transition.

However I do think this is the most interesting thing to happen to Laurie Strode since H20. I'm actually interested to see where this goes from here, if Lussier continues from where Zombie has left off.
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