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Re: Obama Space Plan: Return to Moon: "No Go"

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This just in...

Obama's Space Plan just axed NASA's plan to return to the moon.

Well, so much for the Messiah reaching for the stars.

So who wouldda thunk that 'Dubya' was the "space/science-friendly" President?
Take the party politics out of it: the blunt reality is that while some presidents have made pretty speeches about America's future in space, nobody since Johnson has put his political muscle behind getting Congress to actually authorise the necessary money to deliver.
I don't like the report's conclusions, but they are realistic ones: trying to fulfil George W Bush's aims on the current budget is a recipe for another shuttle - something that could have worked with a bit more money, but ends up both costly and dangerous.
It's time for put up or shut up - either fund the next programme properly, or get out of the game.
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