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Re: TOS' U.S.S. Valiant and Farragut....

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^^ Now that Bonaventure I like! I don't recall seeing that before. Very Cool. That looks like something I should work up an image for.

I'd like to know about the thinking and tech behind that design. Just looking at it makes me think that nacelles may be more a 22nd century development and that the ring concept was more common early on, perhaps peaking around the time of the XCV-330 ringship E or a little later in the early to mid 22nd century.
That was definitely my thinking. The nacelles on THIS ship are really rockets -- so in a weird reversal, in my thinking the nacelles on the earliest warp driven ships are the impulse drive. I never warmed to the FC Phoenix design because I had a very hard time fitting it into an evolution that began with DY-100 and Nomad, and somewhere before the mid 23rd century included XCV-330. I see the ring evolving into the warp coil, so that the evolution of warp drive is about developing the means to power more and more rings/coils that get smaller and smaller until they get stacked into nacelles. The challenge then is to balance twin sources of space warping (nacelles) into one stable bubble.

Whether they are rings or nacelles, I see them as negative energy induction circuits that act as an antigravity "blanket" around the ship, protecting it from being crushed out of existence by hypergravity singularities fore and aft that create and extinguish what in effect is I guess, something like a stable wormhole. In the case of the 1701 nacelles, these singularities are contained in the domes forward and aft.

Obviously this changes dramatically with the TMP nacelles. We can discuss that subject some other time, if you like.
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