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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

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^ Exactly my thoughts. You have to get to know the characters before you realise that they're acting out of character, and when this episode first aired I did not know Trip well enough to realise that he wasn't normally such an annoying dick. It ruined the character for me for a long time.
Jimmy Bob is also doing a "my impressions of Enterprise" thread. Here is his reaction to "Strange New World" and Trip:

However this episode is way better and way more entertaining than Flight or Fight. Because of Trip. Trip rules. I realize that now. I don't know how I could not see this before. That scene in the cave, where Trip goes mad... that was so awesome and intense. And I believe T'Pol was really frightened in her vulcan way. It really felt like he is really going to kill T'Pol. Trip is awesome. Not because he yells and points guns at women... he just is. It's something you feel. I can't explain it.
I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

I have a confession to make, The Naked Time sent me to sleep. Literally, I fell asleep while watching it and woke up five minutes later not knowing what was going on. So that one's not going to be added as one of my all-time favourite Trek episodes, and I didn't play enough rugby as a kid to have my brain so damaged as to love The Naked Now.
I never said the idea of doing this sort of episode so early in a show's run was always a home run. BTW, I really enjoyed "The Naked Time," and really cringed my way through "The Naked Now." And "Strange New World" worked for me just fine.

Or maybe I should count "Hoary old clichés which were written into the script but Scott Bakula objected to the episode not properly addressing the death so they threw in a line during the final minute of the episode".
Hooray for Bakula having story sense. I understand he added a lot of nice little elements to the episodes over the years.

...B&B wouldn't risk doing that because the level of maturity they display in their writing when it comes to sex is the same as an 8-year-old's.
This appears to have been a fundamental problem with Trek writing for over twenty years. And add "romance," too. Sure, it's science fiction, but good sci-fi and good romantic relationships aren't mutually exclusive.


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Yes, they said that the psychotropic pollen was contained in the flowers, but it wasn't until the wind blew up that it became dangerous (because then it was inhaled). Novakovich was affected even before the wind came because he had picked a flower and smelled it. He went to bed early with a headache, and then the storm came. Additionally, the pollen had an added toxin that put Novokovich's life in danger, but that could not have been detected by the scans. It would be like someone scanning Earth and registering the existence of ragweed; they'd have no idea what the effect might be on them just from the scan.
Bingo! Thank you! Now I realize why I never thought Archer was an idiot to go down to the planet.
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