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Re: Your favourite TrekLit ships?

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The Return
An awesome concept, and one that could never ever work on film: A Borg Hypercube. A hypercube is a (theoretical) 4-dimensional shape. You can find fairly nonsensical videos of 3D representations of them rotating on YouTube.
4D Shapes can’t exist is 3D space, but the Borg Hypercube is a station floating in transwarp space, which the authors say is 4-dimensional. Picard’s crew feel nauseous looking at its “impossible” innards (which sound like a Borgified M.C. Escher)

Anyone else got any favourite TrekLit ships? Or ideas of what the 'unseen' ones might look like?
Speaking of The Return, i have a fondness for the unofficial Enterprise. The idea of light glinting off the matt black hull of the Uss Monitor to reveal the name Enterprise scratched into it was definately stirring.
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