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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

My memory is a bit hazy, but in Strange New World, don't they give an explanation why their scans didn't detect the toxin? It would get Archer off the hook, at least, even though he was still way too quick to get down there.
Yes, they said that the psychotropic pollen was contained in the flowers, but it wasn't until the wind blew up that it became dangerous (because then it was inhaled). Novakovich was affected even before the wind came because he had picked a flower and smelled it. He went to bed early with a headache, and then the storm came. Additionally, the pollen had an added toxin that put Novokovich's life in danger, but that could not have been detected by the scans. It would be like someone scanning Earth and registering the existence of ragweed; they'd have no idea what the effect might be on them just from the scan.
Well, this won't be fun, I guess. I actually like Unexpected. Sure, it's a bit silly but entertaining. I laughed.
Hey, my German's not so rusty after all! You could also say of this episode, Take it in the spirit it's offered. Yes, you could look at is as a rape episode, but you could also take it as an example of two totally different mindsets at work, and therein lies the comedy. The boy/priest analogy presupposes that this alien culture tracks with human.
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