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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

My memory is a bit hazy, but in Strange New World, don't they give an explanation why their scans didn't detect the toxin? It would get Archer off the hook, at least, even though he was still way too quick to get down there.

Well, this won't be fun, I guess. I actually like Unexpected. Sure, it's a bit silly but entertaining. I laughed. In German, there's a proverb that fits this episode quite well: "Wer den Schaden hat, braucht für den Spott nicht zu sorgen." which basically translates to "The laugh is always on the loser". Yeah, we're horrible people with a twisted sense of humour.
It's best not to overthink Trek comedy episodes.

Going by the ratings you've been handing out, ENT will score much lower than VOY in the end.
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