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Re: Obama Space Plan: Return to Moon: "No Go"

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Even with space elevators (which are beyond our current level of technology), the cost per pound to orbit is prohibitive for large spacecraft.
That "beyond our current level of technology" is so key to this whole debate it is worth a quote here, and it is a point many people miss entirely.

We simply do not have the technology, and will not within the lifetime of anyone now, to make space travel cheap, efficient and everyday, it will NOT happen.

We ALL here would love in our lifetimes to go into space, and holiday on the Moon or Mars, but even in fifty years it is likely that space travel will still be an amazingly expensive, difficult and dangerous pursuit.

Added to that is the fact that the main impetus behind the space program (sticking it to the USSR) is now well and truly gone, unless some concrete reason comes along politicians have no reason to back the space program beyond its current subsistence level while the world's economies are torn apart.

A huge energy crisis, global warming completely aside, is also coming, with the pressure on oil supplies, strife in the Middle East and the pressure for global action on climate change, energy is what the next fifty years is going to be about.

Sorry, space travel is on the back-burner and will be now for a long time to come.
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