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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

^ Exactly my thoughts. You have to get to know the characters before you realise that they're acting out of character, and when this episode first aired I did not know Trip well enough to realise that he wasn't normally such an annoying dick. It ruined the character for me for a long time.

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There were a lot of nice little touches in the episode, like the photo they take at the beginning, the campfire scene, Trip and Travis fighting the bug in their tent.
Yeah, I enjoyed all of those but they were all in the first half of the episode and I didn't like the second half.

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This one's OK. Of course, if they'd surveyed the planet from orbit first, like a crew member whose name I forget suggested

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That terms of counting, you've GOT to count either Mayweather lines or scenes per episode. They should not include helm/nav related dialogue given from behind the driver's seat. "Aye sir" is not dialogue. It would be interesting to watch that number drop to zero as the series moves on.
I'd love to know the number myself, but if I spent my time during the episodes counting lines I'd have no time to enjoy anything. I'd probably just cheat and count his lines from online transcripts.

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Kelly Waymire played Cutler very well, and I wish she could have made more than three appearances before her untimely death.
I was annoyed that she disappeared after season 1, but then I learned a few months back that the actress died so I gave the writers a pass on that. It's a pity she only appeared in a handful of episodes.

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You mean like in "The Naked Time"? Or "The Naked Now"?
I have a confession to make, The Naked Time sent me to sleep. Literally, I fell asleep while watching it and woke up five minutes later not knowing what was going on. So that one's not going to be added as one of my all-time favourite Trek episodes, and I didn't play enough rugby as a kid to have my brain so damaged as to love The Naked Now.

I can see why the writers would do it right off the bat -- to help the viewers learn more about the crew.
But I didn't learn anything beyond the fact that when Trip gets high he's really, really irritating. Throughout the entire run of the show I don't remember a time when Trip acted quite this irritating ever again.

Is that why he blew off the scans? For Porthos? I must have missed that line.
Sometimes I try to be funny. It doesn't always work.

Seriously, if Archer had done the scans, they wouldn't have gone down there. Scratch entire episode.
Not necessarily, they could still have done an episode about humans exploring a new world without the mind-altering pollen angle. If the entire episode had been like the first half then I would have rated it a 4 star episode.

Since the writers clearly wanted to do this episode, I agree that they should have shored up the reason Archer thought it would be safe. The scans don't recognize the alien spores as a toxin, or some such.
Or that.

I figured Archer, as a former test pilot, would have been the most qualified pilot, since Travis was on the surface.
But he's the captain, he shouldn't be risking his neck by flying into a storm and nearly crashing into a mountain. One of the most important components of leadership is learning how to delegate.

I think an episode of DS9 thought me that.

And Novakovich didn't die! Maybe you should count "hoary old cliches avoided."
Or maybe I should count "Hoary old clichés which were written into the script but Scott Bakula objected to the episode not properly addressing the death so they threw in a line during the final minute of the episode".

Unexpected (*½)

Four episodes in and we have a holodeck showing up. Why?

The episode starts out well enough, Enterprise begins to experience malfunctions and they find a hidden alien ship in their wake. They need some help making repairs so Trip goes over and experiences a horrible trippy pressurisation chamber. This is two weeks in a row now where this character has had a bad trip, is that where he got his nickname from? Anyway, this is the best part of the episode because it shows us some unique aliens and the horrible differences humans have to get past to meet them.

Then Trip grows a nipple on his wrist and learns he's pregnant. To quote Archer, "Oooooooh boy!"

I'm annoyed by this episode's lack of balls. Clearly the episode is based upon the premise of a man getting pregnant and the "hilarity" which ensues but I'm annoyed by how half-assed the whole thing is. Firstly, Trip was abused by an alien, there is no way around that. When I watched the scene of Trip and the alien sticking their hands into the crystals I found it very disturbing, just look at the transcript:

AH'LEN: No, this is a game we play. Watch. Go ahead.
TUCKER: Are there any rules to this game?
AH'LEN: It takes four hands to work.
Replace TUCKER with BOY and AH'LEN with PRIEST and you have an idea of what I'm getting at. She was in a superior position and she abused his innocence to get him to commit a sexual act with her, it is reprehensible. Does the episode even consider this for a moment? No, because this is a comedy episode and you're not supposed to take it seriously, but there's one big problem with that; it's not funny. This is a one-note joke which is played out over 20 minutes, and the only time it is even remotely funny is when T'Pol chastises Tucker in sickbay. But that's not funny because Tucker didn't do anything wrong!

If this episode had any balls they would have just had Tucker have sex with her and do away with this rape nonsense, but B&B wouldn't risk doing that because the level of maturity they display in their writing when it comes to sex is the same as an 8-year-old's. Sex happens, consenting adults do it all the time, so just let them have sex rather than messing about with glowing crystals. I thought they wanted these human characters to be flawed.

The episode also doesn't have the balls to let Trip be the father because these aliens apparently only transmit genetic information from the mother. Now I'm no biologist, but I'm fairly certain that that completely negates the benefits of sexual reproduction. But of course this was only done so that there would be no repercussions from this "comedy" episode. And what about considering aborting the baby due to it being any unwanted side-effect of rape? Oh right, it's a "comedy".

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