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Re: *~Star Trek Books FAQ Latest Edition~*

Has anyone ever made a jump from inofficial fan fiction to published tie-in fiction? Creating characters, writing (fan) fiction stories for fun, putting them online, creating a new story with those characters, pitched it to Pocket Books, and succeeded?

I might think that's possible for original literature, but not for tie-ins?

In other words would it be a bad idea to put a story, or excerpt of it, online, see reactions and criticism, and then submit it to a publisher for consideration?

The guidelines say:

10. I've written Star Trek stories and posted them online. Can an editor just read them off the web?
No. Ethical considerations do not permit us to read Star Trek fiction posted online.
But it doesn't clearly state that I can't properly submit something that was already online in some form.

And the submission guidelines are somehow irritating:

1.) No stories primarily about a guest star or non-Star Trek regular. This means no stories about other crews, ships, or guest characters that become the focus of the story. The novels should always "star" Kirk, Picard, Sisko et al.


6.) Stories should be set during a timeframe that has been thoroughly explored in the TV series or movies. That means no stories set before Star Trek: Enterprise; no stories set between Enterprise and The Original Series, and no stories set beyond Star Trek: Nemesis.
How can you tell a story about Picard, that is not set after Nemesis, when the novel series is already way past that time? Or are there still TNG novels being released that take place before Nemesis?

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