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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween II Discuss/Grade Thread

^Actually, Myers got his head cut off in Halloween: H20, which was then debunked when it was revealed in Halloween: Resurrection that it was a decoy, which sent Laurie Strode to the mental hospital where she was finally killed by Myers. I believed he died of electrocution in Resurrection only to have him shown alive -- of course -- before smashing to credits.

Don't ask how or why I know all that.

With apologizes to Tim, I relented and saw Halloween II with a friend. We walked out about an hour in and saw District 9. However, the hour that I did see wasn't horrid. Zombie does have a knack for visuals. I mean, there were some gorgeous shots. Overall, from what I saw, it was just too weird. Malcolm McDowell was even worse this time around, with the pompus attitude making him almost unbearable, which sucks because I love Malcolm McDowell.

Oh, well.
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