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Re: Obama Space Plan: Return to Moon: "No Go"

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I deal with quite a few unemployed and more than a few homeless folks.

None of them "think government is going to hand them a job," although many would like a little more help of some kind. For the most part this POV is a smug fiction entertained by the unafflicted and comfortable - though I'm sure you can repeat or at least link (ah, the wonders of the Internet) to an anecdote of some kind that "proves" me wrong.
How many were unemployed/homeless before last fall? How many are under 26, but haven't joined the service?. The harvest starts all over this country about now, how many won't get their hands dirty? The big farms run buses into the cities every year.

McDonald's is always hiring, and the armys always recruiting.

Don't want a "internet anecdote" So I asked my dad, in the thirty-nine years he's been out of high school he's been unemployed twenty-three days.
Since leaving the service has worked many jobs and even though he hasn't driven trucks in years, he maintances a CDL, just in case.

Good thing Obama's raising the debt ceiling again, better to help "your folks"

What is the difference between the gov. helping them a litttle and the gov. just handing them my money? I guess I'm just a smug little thing.
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