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Re: Obama Space Plan: Return to Moon: "No Go"

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Well, if you'll be happy to be unemployed thanks to a crapped up economy so long as someone else gets to go to Mars, that's your prerogative.
You do realize that we still have people living on the streets who are jobless, homeless and whatnot with the government doing likely nothing to help these people back into society for one thing.
And they'll stay on the the street as long as they think goverenment going to hand them a job.

But okay, if you want gov. increasing employment . the apollo moon program, at it's max, was employing hundreds of thousands of americans. Directly and indirectly, thru contractors, areospace companys, and yes thru trickle down to the support community.

Obama made it very clear during last years camplain that NASA's budget was most likely to be reduced during his first year.

That's his space plan. And it's not waiting for the release of a report. the report is unimportant.

Bush never had NASA on his front burner. But he commissioned the design and construction of the Ares system. Obama has no concrete plan to replace the shuttles. and the plan for the International Space Station is now to be "DE-ORBIT" it in the tear 2015.

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