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Re: Obama Space Plan: Return to Moon: "No Go"

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Just that one useless program, let alone the trillions spent to dismantle the health care system or to bail out Wall Street.

But a hundred billion or so to go to the moon and on to Mars? Hell no, we can't afford that. What, are you nuts?
Well, if you'll be happy to be unemployed thanks to a crapped up economy so long as someone else gets to go to Mars, that's your prerogative.
That's not really a fair comparison. Something like, what $3 trillion has been spent on boosting the economy so far? NASA's current budget of $17.2 billion is 0.57% compared to that. And further, it's not like sending people to the Moon involves putting money into a box and shipping it off to space... all that money is spent, mostly domestically, and would feed back into the economy like any other government program... and, most importantly, create jobs.

As government programs go, NASA is small potatoes and it has been for decades.
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