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Re: SyFy considering doing Cooking and Talk Shows...

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A talk show that specifically talked about and interviewed luminaries of sci-fi across all it's mediums would be good. But I doubt that is what they mean.
Whoa! you are thinking way too much of SyFy.
I believe the last talk show they had was "Crossing Over with John Edward" (1999) (TV series) around 2001 as initially it was on USA Network. later it became syndicated.
The show was had very dark sets. When it was syndicated for season 3 or 4 they added blue carpeting and wood paneling on the set for the syndicated daytime-talkshow-crowd homogenized look.

I think it would have to be a show along the lines of Strange phenomenon or ghosts or paranormal. They can't go all sciencey or it would be Discovery Channel/National Geographic/History Channel/Science Channel territory

I can see if SyFy does a dinner and a movie type show like TNT or TBS though.
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