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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

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I'm an absolute heel. If this hadn't been so last minute and I'd actually had time to think about inviting people (The Hubby sort of "sprung" on me Saturday night that we were having a party Sunday) I very honestly would likely have thought of you. Seriously, because I did remember that your wife was away. I feel awful (which I know you didn't intend.) I'll try to make it up to you next time.
Hey no worries, I can give someone a guilt trip like the little old grandmother you haven't called in 6 months.

I was tied up dealing with that health crisis anyway. Probably good that I was around, her bf is a complete doofus.

Plus my wife would have thought something was fishy if I told her I was willingly hanging out with a lawyer.

Seriously made me laugh, only in my life it's my mom, not my grandmother. Grandma just seems happy whenever I call. Mom, on the other hand ....

And, yeah, I'm not big on socializing with other lawyers, either. Boring as all hell.

To the matter at hand, yesterday I made pesto with basil from The Hubby and my MIL. So last night I made one of my favorite pesto dishes. I smoked some nice Alaskan salmon and accompanied that with a nice, fresh penne pesto with tomatoes (from The Hubby's little garden plot), asparagus tips, a little red pepper and sun-dried tomato. I'd meant to make enough to have left overs for lunch today but ....
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