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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne Disucssion (Spoilers)

^ Didn't he get into a similar obsessive/emotionally unbalanced way of dealing with Conner Kent's death?

I just recently read Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader (gorgeous hardcover edition with awesome Andy Kubert art) and posted about it in the other thread. I really liked the end and so it seems clear to me that Bruce Wayne will resume as Batman.

I know Dick is Batman now and he's coping but he's not the obsessive Batman as Bruce is. And in some ways, Batman in order to be Batman needs the same level of commitment as Bruce has to being Batman. There is no reason why Dick (who wants to fight on the side of good) can't do it as any other super-hero-identity (he's been doing that as Nightwing). However for Bruce Wayne, he can't be any other being except Batman. It's his vow that was made at the time of his parents' death. His decision to be the batman when the bat flew into the window. Dick is filling in, in his absence.

I'd guess that they will show how being Batman will weigh heavier and heavier on Dick. Finally it may prove to be almost too much and then Bruce will become Batman again.
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