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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

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It wasn't. My point was the tech manual suggests impulse engines are a reaction device, not a field drive, and certainly do not use drive plasma from the intermix chamber--or any other source--the way warp engines do. They do, instead, eject an exhaust plume at high velocities that imparts thrust on the starship, and (according to the TNG manual) they are aided in this task by use of subspace driver coils that reduce the effective mass of the ship.
newtype alpha you might also of used the example of "Preemptive Strike", the second to the last TNG episode, in which Lieutenant Ro leads a Marquis raid on the Enterprise D,. She penetrates the shields by taking a small ship thru the area where the impulse exhaust passes thru the aft shields, a weak point that makes a lot of sense.
Remeber that was a shield penetration that the Enterprise allowed once they figured out ensign Ro Laren was aboard the Maquis vessel.
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