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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

I think overall that Enterprise had a decent enough start. Broken Bow was a nice setup, if you ignore the Klingon inconsistencies. The animosity between Humans and Vulcans is well played, and unexpected. I agree that the lack of development of Future Guy hurts the pilot retrospectively. It was a mystery that ended up fizzling out later on in the series.

Hoshi is one of my favourite characters, and think that she was criminally underused throughout ENT's run, so Fight or Flight was right up my street! The actual plot of the episode is quite weak, but at the meaty core of it is Hoshi. I liked how she hadn't taken very well to space flight, and how homesick she was - certainly nothing that we've had before in Trek. Her slug was goofy, but endearing.

TGB, you say that having a female in this role is slightly sexist, whereas I'd go with a bit predictable. Nothing more.

Strange New World, as some have said, had a brilliant first half. The enthusiasm everybody showed for finding their first planet was so well played. It really set apart how new the Enterprise's mission compared to others that came before. It falls apart in the middle when the episode takes the 'Strange' part of the title too literally. Kelly Waymire played Cutler very well, and I wish she could have made more than three appearances before her untimely death.
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