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Re: POLL: Will you buy Star Trek XI on DVD or Blu-Ray?

I've already pre-ordered the 3 disk Blu-ray set. I wish the set with 12" model of Enterprise were a lot less then it is. But since its limited to 5000 or so I guess some people will pay the $90 for it. I cant wait to see the movie in High Def glory. Also have to find R2D2 in the Fleet Debris Field. The ship itself and the new warping effects look really good not like the original exactly but it is an alternate universe. Nero changed the Federations War footing in a lot of ways more advanced weaponry, advances in warp technology that they more then likely didn't have in the Prime Universe. I especially loved all those lovely phasers shooting. The Prime Enterprise only had 2 phasers. I cant recall how many the new Enterprise has but it looked good shooting so many phasers at once and at least a couple of photon torpedoes.
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