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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine--The Cleanest Food To Find

And...good evening, fellow Trekkers, Trekkies, Treck-Necks, and Conversationalists all across the Final Frontier!

Here, true to the spirit of DS9, is my attempt at a "pure" character-oriented story. It is set a little while after "What You Leave Behind", but some time before Avatar and Rising Son. Jake is still on the station, Ezri is still a counselor, and (most importantly), certain "new" characters have just come onboard the station.

The Julian-Ezri relationship is a central element to the plot. I hope you all will enjoy how I chose to develop it.

So, without further ado....

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Cleanest Food To Find
Scene 1

Julian Bashir turned from the replicator, and grinned. “Do you trust me?”

Ezri Dax rested her chin on the backs of her hands, elbows on the table, and smiled. “Completely.”

Julian turned back to the replicator, and ordered, “Computer…two martinis. Now listen carefully—mix both drinks like this: Three measures of Gordon’s Gin, one of vodka, half a measure of Lillet Blanc—shaken over ice, with a thin slice of lemon peel.”

The computer chirped…and the drinks appeared. Bashir picked them up—very carefully, Ezri noted—and brought them to the table, setting them down as he took a seat.

The two were in Julian’s quarters. They both had finished their shifts, and they were just now ready to relax…together.

Julian raised his glass. “To…tomorrow: may it never die.”

Ezri raised her own glass, clicking it with Julian’s…and took a sip. She let it rest on her tongue for a few moments, to savor the taste, and swallowed.

Julian leaned forward slightly. “What do you think?”

Ezri smiled. “You know…that’s not bad! Where’d you get the recipe?”

Julian returned the smile. “I read it in a book once.”

Ezri narrowed her eyes in amusement. “A book.”

“An old Earth spy novel. Actually, the recipe has Kina Lillet, but…after the book was published….”

She nodded. “They changed the name?”

“Something like that.”

Ezri looked down at the drink. “Didn’t I…serve something like this when Vic’s place was…?”

“Ah, that wasn’t quite the same thing. That was stirred. This one’s shaken.”

Ezri looked up, her smile growing. “There’s a difference?”

Bashir glanced off to the side, and grinned. “It…would take too long to explain.”

Ezri chuckled, and set the drink down. “So…how was your day?”

Bashir sighed, and leaned back. “Well, let’s see…most of it was spent lecturing those new transfers on the intricacies of the Infirmary—and, oh, yes…one of my new nurses has the most interesting crush on me.”

Ezri’s eyes widened. “No kidding!”

“No…” Bashir sighed. “Now, under normal circumstances, I would humor her, at the very least, but—she…”

“Let me guess: she kept it up, and couldn’t take a hint.”

Exactly. And I mean, I tried to tell her I’m already taken, however….”

Ezri held up a hand. “Julian…it’ll pass. She’ll catch on sooner or later.”

“I hope so….” Julian paused for a moment, and then asked, “So how did your day go?”

Ezri frowned. “Jake stopped by my office. He’s still recovering from Benjamin’s…‘disappearance’. We talked a bit…and I told him a few stories of Curzon’s….”

Julian leaned forward again, smirking. “What stories?”

Ezri smiled mischievously. “It…would take too long to explain.”

Bashir shook his head, chuckling. “Of course….”

“Anyway…he’s all right, now—at least until the next time he stops by.” Ezri shrugged. “Other than that…nothing to report.”

Julian nodded. “You know, Ezri…I was wondering—one of my new MD’s…well, you might want to look at him. He seems a little…reclusive.”

Ezri gave him a blank stare. “Reclusive….”

“He…well, he’s friendly enough, but he seems, somehow…isolated from everyone.”

“You mean there’s a wall?”

“I mean there’s a wall.”

Ezri shrugged. “Maybe that’s just his personality—I mean…”

“I thought so, too—but then…I took the liberty of striking up a…conversation with him. He seemed friendly enough, I think—but…then I looked into his eyes.” Julian paused, and Ezri could see the intensity in his gaze as he locked eyes with her. “He’s hurting, Ezri. It’s…as if something took all the joy out of his life…and nothing’s in its place.”

Ezri frowned. “Any idea what caused that?”

“I…think I have something…. I checked his record. As it turns out, he was part of an investigation into a possible act of sabotage aboard the Enterprise, nine years ago. You may have heard of it—it was the incident that forced Admiral Satie to resign her commission.”

Ezri nodded. “The ‘witch-hunt’?”

Bashir nodded.

“Yeah, I remember something about that—didn’t she start asking suspects about things that had nothing to do with the investigation, or…something?”

“That’s right.”

“There was a…” Ezri stopped short, as she finally understood. “There was…a medical technician involved….”

Julian nodded again. “That was him.”

“Oh…” Ezri whispered, as she glanced down at the table, waiting for him to continue.

“His name is Simon Tarses. Satie’s probing nearly destroyed his career…when she pressured him into inadvertently revealing that his grandfather was a Romulan.”

She looked up. “There’s no crime in that.”

“Not unless you lie about it, and falsify your entrance exam so that it says the grandfather was a Vulcan. Still,” Bashir sighed, “I can’t help but feel for him….”

Ezri nodded. “Because of what happened to you.”


Ezri sighed, and looked down again, for a moment. When she looked up, she asked, “So, what happened to him?”

“He was suspended for six months. After that, he returned to the Enterprise. Now, his file claims that he’s come to terms with his heritage, but….”

Ezri nodded. “…But, that experience must still have been painful for him…to say the least.”

Julian leaned back, and shook his head. “He nearly lost his career. The only reason he was allowed back into Starfleet was because Captain Picard put in a good word for him. As it is…he’s irreparably tarnished by what happened. I guess…it’s possible that after the Enterprise was destroyed…he didn’t really have anywhere else to go…and feel like he was wanted.”

Ezri looked at him for a while. Julian was, she always knew, a wonderful doctor—and now, she was reminded why. He was a man who truly cared…truly wanted to make a difference.

It was…why she loved him.

She smiled. “A pity you wasted your career in medicine, Julian—you would’ve made a fair counselor.”

Julian blinked. “Fair…?”

And then…he returned the smile. They shared a chuckle, albeit a brief one, so as not to ruin the seriousness of the issue at hand.

Ezri nodded. “I’ll look into it.”

“Thank you, Ezri.”

Ezri shrugged. “Well…that’s what I’m here, for—I guess.”

Julian smiled, and raised his glass in salute.

* * *

(note: Bond fans will be pleased to know that, yes--it is the iconic drink that you're thinking of. Call it a little homage to Bashir's spy program, which I feel confident Ezri's partaken in on a rather regular basis....)
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