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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

I would rate that episode higher. It certainly was very different from the standard Trek episode because it showed the flaws of the characters and the tension between humans and Vulcans. You don't usually see a Trek crew being so distrustful of each other. I think Connor Trinneer did a great job of conveying Trip's fear and paranoia as well as his struggle against his preconception. I'm not that big of a Trip fan, either.
There were a lot of nice little touches in the episode, like the photo they take at the beginning, the campfire scene, Trip and Travis fighting the bug in their tent.
And I really liked how they played the 'redshirt' angle. I was so sure that Novakovich (was that the name?) would die, but then he didn't. It jibes well with the unusual turn the whole episode takes in that the rock people aren't real.
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