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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

As somebody with a mathematically oriented brain who has incredible difficulty in learning new languages, I think it's safe for me to claim that the two are not closely related.

Strange New World (**)

It's nice to see a crew that is excited about a simple little thing like an Earth-type planet, it's the fun little things like that which make the first half of this episode endearing. I also liked the inclusion of some lower-decks characters, at the time that this episode first aired it made me feel excited that Enterprise might include a large array of secondary characters on the ship, but it didn't seem to go that way in the long run.

Then some weird things start to happen with some rock-men and the episode introduces us to an intriguing mystery. Once we learn the truth of what is going on, that the entire away team is having a bad trip, it's still an interesting story and probably all the better for not putting the crew into a forced suspense scenario. Then begins the forced suspense scenario. If the away-team don't inject themselves with a life-saving medicine then THEY WILL DIE!!!

I suppose crewman Cutler might die, but I think the other three are probably safe due to some SAG rule.

This is an interesting scenario that the crew is in and I can see plenty of potential with this set-up, so it is upsetting that the best the writers could come up with is Trip shouting for fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, when this episode first aired I was so repulsed by the Trip character that I wanted him to be killed off all the way into the second season, which is the point when I started to tolerate him again. At a point when the audience is still unsure of who these characters are, the last thing that should have been done was an episode where their worst vices are magnified.

But at least Archer has learned that his impatience almost got five of his crew killed, so he wont be so stupid as to put them into such an easily avoidable situation again.

Archer refuses to perform the necessary scans and goes down to a planet full of deadly toxins in order to bring his dog for a walk, and he flies a shuttlepod through a storm even though there are qualified pilots on Enterprise.

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