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Re: SyFy considering doing Cooking and Talk Shows...

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A talk show that specifically talked about and interviewed luminaries of sci-fi across all it's mediums would be good. But I doubt that is what they mean.
I would love that kind of show. Perhaps with a segment of well known (and well spoken) genre fans discussing past, present and future events in scifi. It would be a nice platform for retrospectives too.

I agree though. Sadly I don't think that's what they mean.
it will probably be like those annoying Vh1 shows where they get these actors & comedians no one's ever heard of to comment on different sci-fi fantasy shows or movies or sci-fi topics and dumb it down with unfunny comedy & stuff like "which show has the hottest alien babes - discuss?"

btw, anyone remember back in the mid/late 90s TNT(or was it TBS?) used to have these cooking shows called Dinner and a Movie where they would show a film & in between segments theyd have a couple comment about the film while they were cooking something that was themed to what they were watching? Maybe theyll do something like that...which would still be lame but whatever.
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