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People who would make convincing aliens in Trek

Here's a fun question: which actors and other celebrities you could see playing members of one of Trek alien races? We had Iggy Pop as a Vorta, how about some other musicians, athletes, politicians...?

Let's skip the most obvious one - many people have noticed that Obama would make a great Vulcan.

Henry Rollins already has a Cardassian neck, he wouldn't need that much makeup to play one!

Here is another guy with a Cardie neck - Serbian water polo player Danilo Ikodinovic. A few weeks ago as I watched him interviewed on TV, I couldn't help thinking "look at the neck! He'd make a good Cardassian!"

Yes, it's one of the signs that I've been watching too much Trek.

This is Sally Dexter, a wonderful British TV/theatre actress I like a lot. She has strong features and can be really intense and scary on screen, and I think she could make a great Cardassian or Klingon!

Any other suggestions?
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