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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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So, has Act IV of TTI been released yet?
No, we are not there yet!

As awesome as the group producing Exeter is, a they are fans, not pros, and they have to deal with oh... making a living... beside their work.

I understand your confusion. I did not know about BBS when I first discovered fan films... in MAY of THIS YEAR, and I delightedly watched each part of TTI until I tried to download Act IV. I thought I was having a computer problem!

Anyway, my blog will announce it in it's top "News" section very soon AFTER it's actual release (my blog is only in the present, what's available to see RIGHT NOW, TODAY, and does not deal with the future... except to the extent Star Trek stuff deals inherently with the future, of course!). I want Dennis and his Exeter friends to know we are waiting with great interest and gratitude for their past work and looking excitedly for Part IV, but with full knowledge that yes, YOU HAVE A LIFE and WE respect that!

In the meanwhile, Captain April, you are welcome to look and see what fan films, shorts, parodies, you may have missed (or tell me of any I may have missed!) while you wait for the release of ACT IV. That's what I'm doing! (my signature is a link to my collection of fan films on and off the web).

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