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I have that one as well. And it is in HD. Even though the quality might not be that great, it is *still HD*. The very link you posted, says it's 1080p/VC-1 video. 1080p is HD.
I stand corrected—I thought that the VC-1 format simply meant compression format; in other words I thought VC-1 simply delivers 1080p to the blu-ray player regardless of what content is "shoe-horned" into the format, not if the root material was HD or not. For example, I don't know if you are familiar with Mac OS X audio (that's my expertise) but Apple has an audio format called CAF (Core Audio Format). It is just a "container"—the audio inside can be high or low bit rate, high or low sample rate, etc. All in "CAF" format.

Never the less, the point stands that if CBS can do this for a single episode in the Star Trek TOS Season 2 blu-ray:
CBS confirmed...the DS9 episode is an ‘upconvert’. According to CBS, they had "no choice." The spokesperson for CBS tells TrekMovie "the f/x shots were edited on video so there are no existing opticals for us to do a true HD transfer. Hence, we had no choice but to just do an upconversion."

They could do this same thing for more than a single episode. Whether it would be worth their while to produce is something only they can determine. Whether it would be worth it for consumers to purchase is something only they can determine. But it's possible, if unlikely.
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