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^ There are Blu-Ray sets that have no actual HD content at all? Somehow I'm having a hard time believing that.
I own one. It's the blu-ray of "Outbreak." It's a great movie. I didn't own it on either DVD or blu-ray. Since it was about $12.99 on either format, I bought the blu-ray.

From the review:

Warner presents 'Outbreak' on a BD-25 single-layer disc in 1080p/VC-1 video (1.78:1)....not only is this a bare-bones disc, but the source doesn't appear to have been all that cleaned up since the last time the flick hit standard DVD.

This is a decent transfer. Positives are nice black levels, a generally clean print with only a few blemishes and appropriate film grain, and contrast that is nicely balanced. The image overall has a a realistic look, though it's not particularly detailed. There's flat and slightly soft look throughout, and shadow delineation borders on the poor -- darkest scenes are noticeably fuzzy and lacking in any visible fine texture. Colors are fine, with decent saturation though nothing really eye-popping. The encode is solid, with no obvious compression artifacts and only slight edge enhancement. This is a serviceable catalog release from Warner.
OTOH, the sound is a bit better, thanks to lossless high def compression ("TrueHD") vs. the lossy 5.1 compression ("Dolby Digital") on DVDs?

Again, if either a blu-ray or DVD is available for the same money, and the blu-ray has the same picture quality and better sound for the same money, can you think of a solid reason not to buy the blu-ray, if my player is a blu-ray player?

In any case, what possible special features could there still be that haven't yet been released?
I have no idea. But if you would have asked me "what special features could exist for the original series, produced over 40 years ago" I wouldn't have known the answer to that either.

For the blu-rays of the ST I-VI movies, they created new special features—new commentaries, science extras, tributes to actors now deceased. It is certainly possible that if CBS/Paramount wanted to release upscaled blu-rays of the more recent Star Trek series, they could try and "sweeten the pot" by paying for new special features. Certainly, the cost of paying for interviews and commentary would be a tiny fraction of the millions required to fully replace the 480p video elements with new 1080p cgi in order to remaster and enhance these series they way they should be done.
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