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Re: Trek romances - the good, the bad, and the boring?

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The best romance for me is the one and only relationsship between Janeway and Chakotay- J/C for ever!
Fan fiction doesn't count.
Since when. Both fan fiction and pro fiction are the best trek we're getting right now. And don't throw that canon-crap at me. Want true charactor development? It's not on the screen, same with detailed plots, believeable villians and new players. The fan produced videos, while not there yet, are getting better.

Fan fiction IS star trek.
I have long had an aversion to fanfiction in general, not just Trek, due to the amount of bad fanfiction, Porn Without Plot, random pairings and general nonsense. But occasionally I've read some really quality stuff, and recently I've found that there is more good fanfiction out there than I thought, with faithful characterization and believable plots. Some of it is better than many of the actual episodes (while there are some episodes and parts of, or entire movies, that feel like bad fanfiction). I usually went by descriptions, avoiding stupid premises, and I've rarely been wrong, but it's easier when you can go by recommendations, follow certain authors and use forums like this one to find the good stuff. The thing that put me off the fanfiction world for so long were, in particular, the ridiculous pairings, particularly (but not limited to) slash. There are some things that make sense, more or less, if these "ships" were featured in or hinted at in the show, or could perhaps be construed that way, whether you agree with it or not - and then there's completely random nonsense, the kind of thing that makes you go "WTF?" - you know, characters that barely or never had scenes together, things like that. For so many people, fanfiction is just a means to write porn about people they find hot.

But since I'm stilla relative novice who has only just scrapped the surface of the fanfic world, could someone more versed in it tell me what are, from what they know, the most popular fanfic pairings for every Trek series (apart from Kirk/Spock slash, everyone knows about that)?
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