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Re: Should it have been a straight reboot?

Probably would have been better if it was a reboot without all the alternate reality stuff, because I thought that was the weakest part of the movie. I was loving the movie until Nero and old Spock came along and explained what they were doing. I thought without the silly plot points they brought along, it would have been perfect.

Then again, it would have opened a whole other can of worms since then we'd have no explanation for why the ships, uniforms, Kirk's childhood, etc. were so different from what was established in the original "Star Trek", but at least in that case I wouldn't be as disappointed when watching the movie as I was when Spock and Nero presented their exposition. I'd just think after, "wait a minute...", but I'd prefer that than being exasperated in the middle of the movie at how clunky the villain's motivation was.
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