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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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Even more astonishing that ENT produced arguably it's best season, in that last year when production costs had been slashed.
Because the writing was so much better. Just goes to show what I keep saying: good writing is the best way to produce a fine show within a budget. I dunno why more shows don't adopt this strategy. Maybe there's a crying shortage of competent writers in Hollywood?
Eureka isnt flooded with FX, it has great/good plots and well thought out charactors. And that might be the best future for star trek.
That would be disappointing. Eureka is part of a big trend in sci-fi - holding down costs with modern-day-Earth-based shows. I have nothing against some shows being this way, but for all of them to be, is a huge disappointment. I want to see a decent space opera type show again, at least one?!? Too much to ask?
Well, let's remember Hodgkin's law of parallel planetary development. Star Trek had it's share of earth based episodes filmed on the studio back lot.
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