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Re: Trek romances - the good, the bad, and the boring?

Ezri/Bashir were well-matched - in the way that Jadzia and Bashir never were (it's good that the show never got those two together, it really wouldn't have been believable to have Jadzia change her feelings about him, or lack thereof).
Exactly--which is why I never really got Ezri's line, "If Worf hadn't come along, it would've been you." My best guess is, she was reading too much into his feelings for Jadzia, or something. Of course, he looks upset at this line....

The only problem was that there was just 1 season to develop them, and was obvious that the writers were rushing to get them together, so they could wrap it all up.
Yeah. I wish we could've seen more of them together (other than the books), but... "There just wasn't enough time, Michael...not enough time...."
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