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I recently rewatched Broken Bow and one thing that struck me was the odd pacing. This is also a problem in later episodes. Even though the story was exciting, my mind wandered off from time to time because the pacing wasn't quite right.
The same thing happened to me but I thought that it was because I was tired after a long week. My mind phased out a few times during the episode, even during the conversation between Archer and Sarin as she explains things to him.

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May be a bit late to suggest a counter, but Needlessly Gratuitous Sexual Titillation Scenes could work too.
That's a good suggestion but it needs a snappier title.

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There's one thing that leapt out of your review at me, TheGodBen, which is that very little of the plot of Broken Bow matters.
It's not so much that it doesn't matter, because most episodes of Trek are "filler" which don't matter, it's that the episode claims to be important and it seems to be setting up some sort of mystery, but nothing ever comes of it. If Future Guy's role in starting a Klingon civil war had been explained in Broken Bow then the episode would have been fine, but Future Guy is one of those mysteries which will never be solved (except in the novels, possibly).

Also, props for Tasty Coma Wife. She was hot.
I wonder what happened to Jamie? She just disappeared between seasons and we never saw her wheelbarrow-style ways again.

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I think it's kind of outrageous that they introduced the Temporal Cold War as such an important plot point but never had any idea where they would go with this. Who the hell acts like that?
A lot of writers don't have everything planned out and choose to make it up on the fly such as DS9. I really don't care if they have it all mapped out just as long as it ultimately makes sense. The TCW never did.
I completely agree, they didn't need to know where they were going with the Tasty Coma Wife so long as it was reasonably well explained by the end and made some sort of sense. I think one of the biggest mistakes the show made was how it was all brushed under the rug in Storm Front with no attempt to explain what it was all about. I would have rather had 5 minutes of a half-assed explanation than 2 hours of nazis with ray-guns.

Fight or Flight (***)

Back when I was watching the first season of Voyager a few people suggested that the fourth episode, Phage, should have be aired directly after the pilot because the Vidiians stealing somebody's organs showed the Delta Quadrant to be more deranged and lawless than what we were used to. Fight or Flight seems to have taken that suggestion, the mysterious villain species are killing sentient aliens and harvesting them because there is no authority to stop them.

A few things hold this episode back from being as good as Phage. What I felt made Phage such a strong episode was that it ended with Janeway realising she had no way of punishing the Vidiians and she was forced to let them go, whereas Fight or Flight ends with some some of the victim species showing up and blowing up the villain's ship real good. It is a little too neat and tidy for my taste. Secondly, the Vidiians were a very sympathetic villain because they were forced into their actions by their disease, it was kill or be killed. But the villains in Fight of Flight aren't even seen and the suggestion is that they were killing sentient beings for use as an aphrodisiac, which is as far from sympathetic as you can be. It's almost as bad harvesting human horn.

Hoshi's story is interesting because it is not the sort of thing we normally associate with Starfleet officers, she's scared and wants to go home. It's not brilliant storytelling, and it might be a little sexist that it's the woman character that acts this way and not one of the men, but it is taking advantage of the premise of this series in that space exploration is still new to these people. Once again the ending is a little too tidy, she manages to have a conversation in an alien language even though she only knows a dozen words and somehow that gives her the confidence to stay aboard the ship as it flies from one dangerous situation to the next.

Points go to this episode for the use of shuttlepods and EV suits, it helps to lend the show an odd retro/futuristic feel.

Memory Alpha has informed me that the Axanars were referenced twice on TOS, and we have no idea who the villain species are, so neither of these will be added to the alien counter. But Archer did fly over to an unknown ship adrift in space, that doesn't seem to logical to me.

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