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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

My only real criticisms about "Power Source" are voice acting and script related. I'm forgiving of the acting as it's a fan film and mostly fan's playing actor. As to the script, the idea is intriguing, but it's just too wordy. The four minute briefing room scene and the following "pacing" scene have already been addressed, but what stuck out to me in later sequences was the lack of immediacy. For instance, the crew stand around the corridor of the Azreal discussing what to do next and then beam back, when they should have taken their captives back post haste and discussed next steps in the safety of their own transporter room. The ending scene is also a bit too protracted. I like what was being attempted, as in some mysteries remain mysteries, but it was too protracted a dénouement.

I mention these because they rob the story of dramatic tension. I hope the next episode addresses these issues.
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