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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

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I've missed quite a few episodes, so the only TCW ones I've seen have been Cold Front and Shockwave Part 2, however, everyone says it doesn't really matter. Question: If the Temporal Cold War is about stopping people from screwing with the timeline, do the events of Enterprise mean the ending of Voyager never happened?
That's not necessarily what the Temporal Cold War is about. It's about certain people (or factions) screwing with the timeline or preventing others from doing that. It never gets really clear what's going on, since we're seeing events from the point of view of the ENT crew (well, mostly Archer). While Future Guy and the Suliban were supposed to be the bad guys, they also help Archer a few times. It would actually be quite intriguing if it had some kind of pay-off.
We never hear anything about the 24th century in the TCW episodes, we only find out that the 22nd century is a frontline in the war. So I highly doubt the TCW influenced Voyager in any way.
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