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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

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I remember that when I watched Broken Bow for the first time, I was immediately sold on the crew and especially Archer. I appreciated the fact that after all-too-perfect Janeway we'd get a flawed, slightly crazy captain for a change. Yeah, he's a prejudiced jerk, but somehow fun to be around. Or to watch, at least. But I'm probably pretty alone in that regard.
I personally wouldn't go as far as "crazy" and "jerk," but I thought the idea of a captain with flaws, grumpily battling to overcome the chip on his shoulder about Vulcans, was refreshingly realistic. And I loved his idealism and enthusiasm for exploration.

I enjoyed watching Archer and T'Pol slowly warm to each other, and by association each other's species. They both had a lot to learn.
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