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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

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well you could replace archer with kirk/
Oh believe me, if I ever do one of these threads about TOS then I will be counting Kirk's idiocy too. I still can't believe that after his 3rd and 4th in command went missing in Catspaw he beamed down to the planet with his 2nd in command while leaving the Enterprise under the command of some redshirt we've never heard of.

and considering enterprise is more neae space then the later series it isnt suprising a lot of races later on were not mentioned.
The problem is that the show doesn't present itself as near-Earth space, in the very first episode they show Archer and co reaching Qo'nos in four days, so the show is presenting itself as taking place in the same stomping grounds as Kirk and Picard. Of course, even as a teenager I managed to do the calculation which showed that Qo'nos, by this episode's logic, had to be inside the Sol system's Oort cloud, but that's a whole other kettle of nonsensical fish.

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I missed the pilot, is the 'Bow' in 'Broken Bow' pronounced to rhyme with 'no' or 'wow'?
No. As in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.
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