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Re: A Random Question/Ramble Regarding the Borg

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I dislike some of the stylistic issues and, as mentioned, the shift towards a decidedly green, sickly, Alien-esque theme.
The Green lighting, in connection with the Queen was explained in "Dark Frontier." It is the Queens Command interface. Some people don't care for the sweaty Borg appearance we saw in "First Contact" supposedly their implants work better at around one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. But when you think about it, a Borg Cube is huge, the heat buildup has to be enormous and probably hotter than can be compensated for, so the implants work better at higher temperatures because they have to work in higher temperatures period.

And I agree with you that the Queen is an individual, but there are those around here that do not.

No species villainous or not can remain a complete mystery when you include them in stories. The writer needs to be able to defeat them, so that each time they were used we learned just a little more. They had to have weaknesses to be interesting and to be useable, if not all of Trek would have ended with "Q Who." The Borg would have assimilated the Enterprise and then the rest of the federation.

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