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Re: A Random Question/Ramble Regarding the Borg

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You'll fit in just fine here.
Hoo-ray. I was afraid I'd scare everyone away with my nerdy Trek questions.

Then I remembered where I was. Fabulous!

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I too prefer the cold emotionless Borg, but the makeup improvements First Contact brought were a needed improvement.
There are things I like on the new Borg look, like the detail on the skin, to the extent that you can see some of the subdermal circuitry showing through. Very cool. I think, mostly, I dislike some of the stylistic issues and, as mentioned, the shift towards a decidedly green, sickly, Alien-esque theme. It seemed like a bit of a devolution. Plus, a lot of the newer actors that have played Borg, especially those in Enterprise, have this sort of Zombie-ish look to their faces, as if they're saying "Mmm, braaaaiiiinnnsss..." instead of "Mmm, technooollloooogggyyyyy..."
"Enlil made him terrifying guardian,
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