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DS9 (along with TNG and Voyager) would be impossible to release on Blu-Ray without massive alterations. The effects and editing were all done on videotape, whose maximum resolution is so low that it would make a BR release impossible.

To release those three shows on BR, all of the effects would have to be done over again, from scratch. Just like they did with TOS.
This is a misunderstanding of the requirements of blu-ray playback. Here is my understanding:

In order for content to be properly decoded by the blu-ray specification, it needs to be encoded in high definition. However, it doesn't need to be remastered and redone. It can simply be "upscaled" which basically is like blowing up the print of a photograph. It might look good, it might not, but it can be done.

What they did with TOS is they did a complete remastering of the original film. This means that they didn't simply run the film and then digitize it at 1080p resolution. It meant that they also cleaned up the film to remove the effects of film aging, redid warbled audio tracks, etc. That is the definition of "remastering."

The enhanced effects is actually another issue. They chose to do that to update the look of the shows for new viewers because the '60s TV effects are really showing their age. But the remastering process itself does not require "re-CGI-ing" the original film.

Now, that is the highest quality and most expensive way to deliver material on blu-ray. The other way is to simply take the material as it is (at normal television resolution of 480p) and "upscale" the material. Upscaling is not an artistic process like remastering, it is a mathmatical process by which 480p resolution images are interpolated into 1080p resolution images.

Here's an extreme example: if you wanted to, you could make a screen capture video on your PC of something playing on YouTube, and with the right software and hardware encode it to play in a blu-ray player. The original resolution would be terrible, the upscaled version would be just as bad if not worse, but it would play from your blu-ray player as "high def" even though it really is just a blown up (upscaled) low-res screen capture video.

My understanding is that for the DS9 episode on the season 2 TOS blu-ray, it is being "upscaled." Meaning the 480p resolution original will be interpolated to play from a blu-ray player at 1080p. But it will not be remastered, it hasn't been improved in any way.

The point of all this explanation is that if CBS/Paramount wanted to, they could release TNG, DS9, and VOY on blu-ray without too much work, just upscaling, which is not a terribly expensive process—nor is it a particularly good looking process. But it is achievable.

Remastering would run into all the hurdles that Mr. Beam and others have pointed out, and would likely not happen.

I do expect that at some point, an upscaled version will come out on blu-ray. It's quality may be marginally better than the DVD, but I'm guessing the main benefit (if any) will not be quality, but that blu-rays have more storage capacity, which means the discs could take up less room and/or include more extra features.
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