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Re: A Random Question/Ramble Regarding the Borg

Kurros wrote: View Post
They are seeking to attain perfection. That's what drives the assimilation and research.

I agree with you about the Humanization.
But what happens when they attain perfection? What is perfection to the Borg?

I don't think these questions are ever answered in the series.

If everything is assimilated and part of the Borg, would the Borg simply go into permanent stasis? Is that perfection? What would they do? I mean, what do you guys think they would do?

And what sort of things do they do to occupy their time besides attempting to assimilate everything? Is perfection, to the Borg, the assimilation of all lifeforms and technology?

Do the Borg even know what this "perfection" is that they're trying to attain?

What would happen if you asked a Borg drone what perfection was exactly? Would he or she give an explicit answer, or would the drone simply flop to the floor in convulsions and self-destruct? It'd probably be the equivalent of asking a drone to divide by zero.

All kidding aside, I've probably used too many question marks in this post. In an attempt to distill all of my random questions down into a singular inquiry, I'm mostly just asking if the Borg do anything other than assimilate lifeforms and technology, because I gather that that is probably what they view as "attaining perfection".
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