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A Random Question/Ramble Regarding the Borg

I was contemplating this the other day--if the Borg's primary function is assimilation, is that all they do? Is every second of existence for them dedicated to the long term goal of assimilating all lifeforms? What happens if all lifeforms are assimilated? What would the Borg do?

In the Voyager episode "The Omega Directive", it is alluded to (at least to me) that the Borg may actually perform some degree of research. The fact that the Borg were trying to develop the Omega technology makes me think that they might have some scientific goals in mind--but then again, that's thinking from a human perspective. They were probably just trying to develop the Omega technology as a means to assimilate faster and better.

Obviously the Borg don't have fun. They don't do things just for the hell of it. They seem to be cold zombies of pure logic with the sole directive to further the collective goal of assimilating all lifeforms and technology.

But what happens when all lifeforms and technology are assimilated?

And, moreover, do the Borg have any other functions besides assimilation?

On another note, I align myself with the faction of Trekkers that oppose the humanization of the Borg that resulted with First Contact and the development of the Queen character. I highly prefer the old idea of the Borg being a emotionless force of nature.

Oh, and secondly--I prefer the old makeup. I hate the Alien-like, Giger-esque green, insectoid vibe that First Contact and Voyager made popular. I loved the cleaner, black and white look. It just seemed more realistic and sinister to me. How about those Borg from "Best of Both Worlds" and "Q Who?" without mouths? Creepy. Does anyone agree? Or am I alone on this?

I'm alone on a lot of things--I love The Motion Picture, for one.

Wow, that was a meandering ramble. How's that for a first post?
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