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DS9 (along with TNG and Voyager) would be impossible to release on Blu-Ray without massive alterations. The effects and editing were all done on videotape, whose maximum resolution is so low that it would make a BR release impossible.
Which makes me wonder how they were able to put non-remastered TOS on Blu-Ray. Unless that was shot/edited differently.
I thinks this question stems from the incorrect use of remastered. Every episode on the TOS blu-ray disks are remastered whether they have new special effects or not.

The other point you may be trying to make is correct. There is no problem putting standard def material on a blu-ray, in fact a lot of special features are in 480 resolution on many blu-rays.

DS9 can be put on blu-ray right now. It might benefit from less compression but it will probably only be a marginal improvement.
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