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Re: True Blood-Freaky porno

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Im about to start watching this series soon, its the next dvd in my Netflix queue...I hope I like it. I usually love vampires & I loved Moonlight but I could never get into the Whedon vampire shows...
ooookay I just saw the first 2 eps and Im HOOKED! Its amazing how tame Moonlight is compared to this naughty beast of a show.

Im already in love with Bill & I love the bar owner looking over Sookie.(I know what his "deal" is thanks to a spoiler, though I dont know exactly why so Im looking forward to that being explained.) I just hope they dont ruin my love for these 2 by making either of them do something unlikable later on. I also like Sookie's bro even though he's an idiot and a scumbag(but he's funny). I cant stand Tara though, yeesh she's annoying! Sookie's grandma- she's a goner isnt she? she's just too sweet to stick around in this type of show.
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