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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius--The Desolate Vigil

Great beginning--slow-paced at first, but that's how it should be, as we start with the inner emotions of Alternate Dukat.

Excellent developement of the Oralian Way, particularly how Dukat's faith affected his life in this universe.

Like your comments on the Prime Directive--nice to know that our captains of canon aren't the only ones driven nuts by the "interperetations" of the Admiralty and the Council....

Also like the lines about Federation history--how the Founding Documents indicate a once truly noble society--which, tragically, has lost its way....

I could also say the same for the Bajorans. I've sometimes wondered what a Bajor would be like that was under the Pah-Wraith cult. Now...we know.

Great work, Nerys! Look forward to more.
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